Remote Support & Training via Internet: Requirements

If you wish to have remote assistance direct to your computer via the Internet, so that we can view/take control of your screen in order to resolve your issues more easily, the following is a list of requirements that must be met first:

That's it! Most people are able to connect straight away without problems, as the only software that you will need will be downloaded autamotically by your browser (subject to your approval) and will be removed automatically when the session is over.

Every online chat and remote session is fully encrypted and secure, so none of your information can be seen by anyone else other than your technician and yourself. The technician will only be able to view and control your desktop which you can also see and will not be able to access anything on your machine without you actively requesting it.

If you would like to chat online to a technician now, please click the Live Support button to the right. In the event of a technician not being available you will be able to send a message.